My favorite books review

Five go to Demon’s Rocks

When Professor Hayling requests to meet with Quentin, The Five, Professor Hayling’s son, Tinker and his pet monkey Mischief are forced to leave due to the noise, but where will they stay?

Tinker proudly exclaims that he owns a Lighthouse out in Demon’s Rocks so The Five all stay there. The Famous Five include Georgina, Julian, Dick, Anne and Georgina’s dog Timmy.

Georgina, Dick, Anne, Julian and Timmy encounter many mysterious people, places and things like a terrifying cave, a rickety lighthouse, a locked door, a stolen boat , something very valuable in the caves and many others figures that I had better not tell you about.

The next book in the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton is called Five Have a Mystery to Solve. The previous book is called Five on Finniston Farm. I would recommend you to read the series in order if possible, but that is not critical.

The Secret Seven

When the Secret Seven are meeting together you can be pretty sure that there is a mystery behind all of it. In this book Jack loses his secret seven (ss) badge. He knows where he dropped it so in the middle of the night he sets off to find it but accidentally becomes a witness of some thieves that stole the famous race horse, Kerry Blue.

As a witness to smuggling the horse into the cellar of an old house where a partly deaf caretaker lives Jack requests a meeting of the ss where He explains everything. Peter tells everyone to go find evidence to tell the police about. Everyone collects some information and reports it to each other. About two days later all the boys, which include Peter, George, Colin and of course Jack set off to see them again.

Peter and Jack climb in the window and sneak around to find Kerry Blue and then see the robbers force the race horse into a cellar.

The two boys follow Kerry but get locked in. Read this book or the whole series to find out if they escape and report to the police. I have read this book and I can tell you, you will not be disappointed at the quality of this series and all of Enid Blyton’s books!