State Grants for College

The State Government’s Helping Hand For Your Education

The state grants are financial helps offered by the individual state governments to the needy students. State grants are offered to those students who have a will to study further but can’t do so because their parents are unable to provide them with the finance.

What are State Grants?

The state grants are the state government’s helping hand towards the needy students to fulfill their dream of higher study. The state grants are the financial help that helps you to pursue a college education. The state grants are different from the loans that are available in the banks as you don’t need to pay back. Nor are they similar to scholarships as they are not available for specific fields only.

Where Do State Grants Come From?

The state grants which are provided by the state governments are basically the lottery profits. The state government earns huge amount of money every year through the state lotteries which are played by people like us. A part of this profit gained from the lotteries is used to help the needy students to pursue their higher studies as state grants.  Many states of the US offer state grants to the students if their family is not capable to cope up with the college expense.

Types of State Grants:

Various kinds of state grants are available in the US. Among the rest are the state grants for the minority, state grants for the disadvantaged and needy and state grants for students who are pursuing the field of study which is highly needed.

The minority state grants may be of two types. The ethnic minority state grants which are offered to people like African Americans and Hispanics. There is also a non-ethnical minority state grants which is available to the physically challenged people or mentally challenged. It may also be offered to the women of all background who peruses a male centric course.

The state grants for the disadvantaged and needy offer financial aids to those people who are not from a minority background and are capable of pursuing higher education but can’t do so as they are not able to accumulate the college fees. The US government is ready o help these kind of students with the help of the state grants via FAFSA.

These types of state grants are available to the students who are opting for career specific courses like nurses and teachers. Various kinds of state grants are available under this category like the TEACH GRANT which is offered to the students who are eager to teach in high need schools at a low income. The Nursing Scholarship Program is offering state grants to the would-be nurses via the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. You can also receive the SMART GRANT if you are pursuing math, engineering or science technology as a state grants.